About us


Partner Revisjon DA is a major player in auditing , accounting and consulting services. Our staff consists of 10 State Authorized Public Accountant and 9 Registered Public Accountant, 1 MSc in Economics and 7 auditor employees, all with extensive experience in taxes, consulting, accounting and auditing.

The company has its roots back to the 1950s and has held steady, organic growth. The turnover in 2013 was about 36 million. In terms of revenue, the company is among the 15 largest in Norway.

Partner Revisjon DA serves about 1,350 audit clients and about 100 customers with different type of counseling. Our customers cover most industries and are spread over large parts of the country. Most are medium-sized and small companies, both newly established companies and some with a long history.

Our core values ​​are:

for our customers’ situation, challenges and desires. Respect is also important for ethics and morality.

Close collaboration with the client and internally in Partner Revisjon DA helps ensure the best possible assistance for our customers.

Our communication should be clear and unambiguous.

Our customers shall get quick feedback – within 24 hours.

We are our customers friend and are pleasant to work with. Internal satisfaction motivates to do the best possible job for our customers and provide the best results.

Our expertise:
Through our education and experience we have solid expertise in:

• Audit and verification of accounts
• Financial management
• Taxes and duties
• Accounting and Payroll
• IT financial systems
• Risk Management

We want to be a useful resource for our customers. The company’s strategy is that executive partners (owners) must constitute at least 25 % of the employees. This ensures a flat organization so that our customers can quickly access our leading expertise.

Our employees are your good and proactive interlocutor in economic issues , whether there are complex issues or » simple » questions.

Reply Warranty:

• You will always get a response within 24 hours to your requests
• Quick access to our leading expertise
• High level of service


Executive partners (owners):
Aksel Bjølseth Stenhamar
State Authorized Public Accountant
Anne Gudrid Tomterstad
State Authorized Public Accountant
Christian Hadler
Registered Public Accountant
Elisabeth F. Lund
Manager/ State Authorized Public Accountant
Ellen Austenå
Registered Public Accountant
Frode Johansen
Chairman/ State Authorized Public Accountant
Sølvi L. Aaker
Registered Public Accountant